Friday, July 1, 2011

It's due time, plus contest for leprechauns!

Summer is here! That means no school, right? NO! *thunderclap* I'm enrolled in Honors Physics, a course from 8-5. It's like school but worse because we only get one 15 min break. Ok, enough of IRL for now. In wizard101 news, I got a Patriotic Leprechaun and a Evil Sandman. Cool stats for both. I also got a death mastery amulet! Thank Big fish guy in the waterworks! And am now starting the celestia pre-quests (saved it for when i get bored). So, I guess this is it for now, until something else cool comes out.

I will also hold a contest for 2 patriotic leprechauns. Just design a new header for me and best header wins! Runner up gets one too! 3rd gets a dragon's hoard pack. You also must follow this bolog. Yes this bolog. I mean blog. Sned them to
P.s: Thank you for the followers

Isaac Stormflame


  1. Okay ill be designing one :D
    My sister too, we both read your blog.

    OH and btw when is the deadline for sending them in?

  2. The deadline is wedenesday. I will have to meet you in game for the pet. And if you finish eatly that's great since I don't know when the leprechaun s leave. If it is too late, then you will receive a evil sandman.

  3. hey, i'll make a new header for you, but i just need some pictures for it, can you send some to please, Thanks!