Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sean Dragonflame and The contest I said I would do, but maybe since we also have the pet derby party

Well, well, well.
Hello Everyone!
Thanks to Sean Dragonflame, I think, we now have 31 followers! When he messaged me and asked if I have a blog, I said yes and he had one too. Facepalm. So, about the contest. Well, I can't get you guys the gift card I promised. So not unlike the crazy turn in the FETCH: with Ruff Ruffman first season finale, I will let you pick 2 items from the crowns shop. See poll but highlight the text since you may not be able to read it. ------>
Also, Pet derby! YEAH! Now read this post for all the complete details which are hidden in the poster. Also, acutally that's it.

Isaac Stormflame

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