Friday, July 29, 2011

Ooh where's that glitch hunter patch?

Hey everyone!
I finally got to the commons glitch. Ah it looks so cool. Listen to this song while you look at the pictures.

I just had to do that. And one more thing. Why do we have a pink sky? First one to at least offer a one sentence explanation gets one KI free games code.

Have a great day!
Isaac Stormflame

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sean Dragonflame and The contest I said I would do, but maybe since we also have the pet derby party

Well, well, well.
Hello Everyone!
Thanks to Sean Dragonflame, I think, we now have 31 followers! When he messaged me and asked if I have a blog, I said yes and he had one too. Facepalm. So, about the contest. Well, I can't get you guys the gift card I promised. So not unlike the crazy turn in the FETCH: with Ruff Ruffman first season finale, I will let you pick 2 items from the crowns shop. See poll but highlight the text since you may not be able to read it. ------>
Also, Pet derby! YEAH! Now read this post for all the complete details which are hidden in the poster. Also, acutally that's it.

Isaac Stormflame

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Glitch? in the pet hatchery.

Hey everyone,
My friend found this rather strange pet glitch. Credit goes to Heather Hexheart.

Me and Dr.Purreau take some photos.
Something strange too.

See that! It looks a lot like...
Oh wait. It is!
You can click on images now to expand them! I think I figured out how to make it work all the time.

Just keep moving forward like toyota,
Isaac Stormflame

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Artisans and Crafters!

Hey everyone,
I think the pictures will stand for themselves. This is a quick post. These 2 badges, after months of planning and gathering, were achieved. In 2 hours
Isaac Stormflame

Ah why, not. The old backround was getting hard to look at.

Hey Everyone,
As you can see, I changed the blog a little, I will try to get a new header up, but it's a maybe. S in wizard101 news, I got a jade oni pet. I hatched it, and it gives vengeance, and gargantuan. Yeah that's it I guess; Until more news comes out. Oh wait! Don't forget to go to the pet derby party soon. I've updated the poster.

Isaac Stormflame

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pet derby party in one month

Hey all,
I feel like thanks to friendly's post, we need a pet derby party. So I will hold one in one month, say
August 12th
at 8:00 EST to whenever everyone leaves. :)
I will also hold a tournament at that time. Whoever wins,will win a Evil Sandman and a KI free games code, second place will win 1 dragon's hoards and a KI free games code, and third win win a KI free games codes. *NOTE TIMES AND DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE*
Isaac Stormflame

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's due time, plus contest for leprechauns!

Summer is here! That means no school, right? NO! *thunderclap* I'm enrolled in Honors Physics, a course from 8-5. It's like school but worse because we only get one 15 min break. Ok, enough of IRL for now. In wizard101 news, I got a Patriotic Leprechaun and a Evil Sandman. Cool stats for both. I also got a death mastery amulet! Thank Big fish guy in the waterworks! And am now starting the celestia pre-quests (saved it for when i get bored). So, I guess this is it for now, until something else cool comes out.

I will also hold a contest for 2 patriotic leprechauns. Just design a new header for me and best header wins! Runner up gets one too! 3rd gets a dragon's hoard pack. You also must follow this bolog. Yes this bolog. I mean blog. Sned them to
P.s: Thank you for the followers

Isaac Stormflame