Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Party summary


Since only arlen dawneyes came (cool blog. Check it here) We jut went to each other'
s houses. Arlen has an amazing house from marleybone, Well here are the pics
Us at arlen's house
Us at my house getting swallowed by a shark

Well, That's it.

See ya next time!

Party summar

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello everyone, The party is being moved to 6pm EST in order to incorperate Arlen Dawneyes

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Danger Of missing sometihing big here folks

Hello everyone,
Tommorow at exactly 12:00 pm EST is my blog's anneversary.
ARE ANY OF YOU GUYS COMING? IF YOU ARE PLEASE comment below. It's going to be awesome so long as some of you guys come in the first place.
1)It's awesome
2) Treasure card prizes being handed out because I am too poor for crown stuff
3) pvp in my dueling arena with floating stuff.

Isaac Stormflame

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Briskbreeze tower run!

Hello, everyone
Today I attempted to do briskbreeze tower. AND MADE IT! Thanks to Andrew Stormflame (same last name! Are we related?), Gabrielle Dragoncaster, and Kaitlyn Lifecrafter.Here are some pics.

Final hit against Orrick Nightglider
Didn't feel so good after 2 Efreets and a Leviathan.

Group photo.

From the new briskbreeze champion,
Isaac Stormflame

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Here is the card

The card is on the right

New event

Well hello there,

I have created an event. It's the anneversary for the blog! You can check out the details by clicking on the little badge on the left and clicking events on the tabs. Hope all of you can make it! Will be holding contests for best costume and will be giving out treasure cards!
Strange. I knew it seemed a little short. So here is some extra add on stuff about random things:
See the picture below? I have a 6- headed hydra. Beat that Friendly's 4-headed orthus!

oh. Whoops. Huge problem with the badge. When you get to the page, go to the event calender icon on THE WALL. It will take you to the more details section. If you don't have a facebook, comment below and I will be sure to include you.
Also, I have a new fascination with fake cards. Be making some of them soon.

See ya next time and hope you can make it,
Isaac Stormflame

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New header! And contest winner!

Well for part B, contest winner. I won. THAT'S NOT FAIR. Oh yes it is. No one signed up. BECAUSE NO ONE READS YOUR BLOG? Yeah. The new header is coming soon and featuring all my characters. So here is an interview with my self (in the style of..)signature

Is:I hate you
Is: platipus

See ya later,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new's year's! (status update)

It's 2011. Things to do, things to do. Let's check up on Isaac. So I am lvl 54

An apprentice gardener:

And I am in Stormriven.
Agian I Am Annoncing my giveaway/raffle!
You can win codes that may or may not earn you something worthwhile or wizardblox codes for short.
But I forgot to include the all important raffle dragon! Take it away!


See ya and hope you win,
Isaac stormflame.