Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why should we care?

Hello everyone,
I don't mean to start of on a bad note, but it gets better, trust me. And thanks for reading this. It actually means something to me. Rant... NOW!
Has everyone seen the new dragon's hoard pack? Doesn't this remind you of something else? Oh say the wishing well? Throw in 15 crowns and get something cool. Granted, I always got cool items for some reason. Even the dragon's hoard pack. But I don't like where KI is going. To quote Steven Spiritcaller from twitter, the dragon's hoard pack is gambling. I don't know, but I didn;t like the fact that I said I was going to get one pack or two at max, but end up spending 10,00 crowns ($20) on it. Like Kevin Battleblood said, wait for something certain to come. I don;t like gambling and think this was a bad move with some good results.
On the other hand, have you seen the dragon's hoard pack?! Isn't it awesome! Even though I burnt $20, $20 well spent. Got a sea dragon, 3 new sets of clothes per level set (10, 20, 30 ,40 ,50, 60), all the swords, six dragon wings, at lots of dragon skulls. Also got some mega snacks. That reminds me. I never talked a bout pet a palooza. You can go to or play Wizardblox to win cool prizes or a chance to win pets! I personally won 7 mega snack packs, a Storm Snowman, a FOG unicorn, a Death scarab, Viridian Cyclops , and a Shardtail Dragon. Go Me!
Thank you Kingsisle!

EDIT: Thanks to those 15 followers! Might hold a contest for a $20 gift card if we get to 30 followers. If you are not following, why not? One click. ----------------->
A humble and ever grateful,
Isaac Stormflame

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