Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Queen Autumn says this:

Autumn says this:

"I will treat my fellow captains with the same respect I'd expect from others for myself"
"I shall keep my personal quarrels with other Captains out of the public eye"
"I shall always remember that we all start out knowing nothing, and only learn by asking"
"I shall view the needs of our community to be paramount to my own"
"I shall embrace views, opposing my own, to be a valid right of my fellow Captains"
"I realize that 'Fun is fun', but not when it's at another Captain's expense."
"The Skyways are big enough for all of us"
"When a Captain is overboard in their actions, it affects all of us" 

This is the Pirate Blog Oath. I firmly believe in this and I think it sums up what we all should act.

                              Aye Mates,

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