Saturday, August 13, 2011

Disappointments and Honors

Hey everyone,
I have a few things. No one came to the pet derby thing, so I guess that kind of let me down. Hopefully, BLAZE will advocate for me next time I try. Speaking of the him, Blaze just finished Spiral Live! Look out Ravenwood radio! So have fun with that. Anyway since no one came, There is 1 KI Free Games code and 1 Evil Sandman pet. So uhh. Comment below to enter for the KI free games code, and I will figure out something special for the Evil Sandman pet. Just kidding. NO ONE IS GETTING THE PET. Instead, I came up with something new.
Hmm what's this? A contest? YES! Grizzleheim Wonders!
First: What can you win?
First Place: Birdcaller's Set and a Diseased Wildclaw (or a Evil sandman, let me know)

Actually Useful Prizes!
TO Enter: Send me an email @ with the best Grizzleheim views or screenshots along with a small caption. Send it with the subject line: Grizzleheim contest. This will run for er... 1 week.
Also, Colin I still haven't got your true friend code yet. And I know you messaged me, I'll need another one. As a thanks for reading my post til the end, here is a code for a panther mount(multiple uses) I know it works, but I am not sure for how long. The code is Panther. Credit to Deathy wiz

Thanks, have fun, and :P
Isaac Stormflame

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    Good luck to all!