Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sorry peoples,
As I have had the following:
Thanksgiving Break which if you want to know, wasn't fun. You see, we (my family) doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so I had to study for a huge ch3 Geometry Test. Unfourtuately, this post doesn't get much better till the end. So bored over the break, because I was confined to studying. at least I got a break on black friday when I got a Super fast computer, and a PS3 controller. Also I seem to have alot of intreast in Wizard101 due to my confined time limits on things. Also, I am pretty sure, even though people are following, that people are not reading my posts at all. So if you do stop by, AT LEAST LEAVE A COMMENT. I am not one of those famous people who goes on alot , where you will actually see them online. SO that's that and I am sorry for ranting. I'll put on this happy video for you guys. And then a cool one after that. And start giving out codes.

Peace out,
Isaac Stormflame


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