Friday, June 15, 2012


Hello everyone!
I will be holding a hide-and-seek for a DUE TO MONETARY REASONS THE GIFT CARD WILL NOT BE A GIFT. HOWEVER I SHALL GIVE AWAY AN EVIL SANDMAN on Friday, June 22nd, 3pm EST !
Tell everyone you know, because there is more than one prize!

First Place Prize: Evil Sandman, Three hoard packs of choice, and One KIFG code!
Second Place Prize: Two hoard packs of choice, and One KIFG code!
Third Place Prize: One hoard pack of choice, and One KIFG code!
Fourth Place Prize: One KIFG code!

If you are one of the four people, please leave a comment below AFTER you find me with your wizard name, school of magic, the pet that I am wearing at the time, and your email.
Rules: The winner must have a twitter or find an alternate way to contact the owner preferably by email if not twitter. If you do not find me in time, but find me later, AFTER the first four people do, PLEASE do NOT beg me for a prize. I am doing this out of goodwill. The owner is not liable for any grades dropped or time wasted. Your home is at risk if you do not keep payments on your mortgage.

NOTE: Date and Time and PRIZES, are unfortunately completely subject to change.

Hope to see a lot of people trying!
Isaac Stormflame

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